Jan 122010
Social Media as Engagement

What is social media and why is it so important right now? Rather than aggregating a selection of the amazing wisdom and insight already available across the ‘Net (especially note the fantastic conversation taking place on Venessa Miemis’ posting, “What is social media [the 2010 edition]“), I’m going to adopt more of a personal witness […]

Dec 212009
Twitter as collective stream of wisdom, tipping point, and network activator

Since starting to tweet earlier in the year, I’ve been driving many of my friends on FaceBook nearly nuts as I’ve explored one or another use of Twitter, while once in a while providing explanations with varying degrees of coherence, yet ever-growing enthusiasm. [Quick learning: It’s NOT generally helpful to automatically have Twitter update your […]

Oct 132009
Ten 21st Century Competencies

In the course of researching ESL (English as second language) materials, my wife came upon Global Brains: Knowledge and Competencies for the 21st Century by Gary Ferraro. At first, the list of competencies seemed relatively typical; but once I started playing around with how they actually related to each other, something kind of clicked, and […]

Oct 122009
A baker's dozen pump priming options for using Twitter

Twitter is one of those unique environments that defies simple categorization: kind of like a blog, or a telegram, or instant messaging, or a wire service, but somehow distinct, deceptively simple, and surprisingly protean, in the sense of shaping a wild frontier of information within the flow (and steadily accumulated log) of 140-character messages. Its […]

Apr 172009
A new communications ecosystem for our life together

Over the past several months I have been discussing “intentional community” with a colleague who shares the same background in community development, but unlike me, has continued to actively promote and participate in an intentional community (a co-housing site). We have been talking about the potential uses of social media to strengthen and extend learnings […]

Apr 162009
Ten "Awakenings" to Organizational and Community Resilience

This is a momentary capture of a few, random “awakenings,” which means they may not be individually new nor collectively complete…simply an intersection of thoughts that suggest a few ways forward. Many may be well-recognized; some, intuitive; others, counter-intuitive; and the rest simply kept rattling around in my head until I jotted them down. I […]

Mar 122009
Demystifying social networking media

Several months have passed since I began exploring a few social media tools that “play well together.” And now, as I look back, I’ve been surprised how much FaceBook, Twitter, and my blog, feel similar to some of the old ways of connecting, but with a twist (ok, maybe “twist” is sometimes more like popping […]