Jun 062011
10+ musings on Liberating Voices and Civic Engagement

Here are a few overall musings on the Liberating Voices Pattern Language and Civic Engagement, based primarily on conversations that occurred during and after the series of workshops I conducted at The Evergreen State College over the past two years, while also drawing upon my experience in community development with the Institute of Cultural Affairs […]

Jan 242011
Inner Voices: Exploring the Mid-range Voices for Hints of Structural Community Innovation

OK, it’s time to start anew, and to symbolize a fresh beginning, I’m opening up a new category, Inner Voices. I intend to use the term primarily in it’s musical sense and the structural development of complex harmonies, not so much in its psychological associations with internalized dialogue or personal identity construction, although I suspect […]

Apr 262010

I’m still woefully behind on completing a report on the practicums I’ve been conducting at Evergreen College. Nevertheless, I’m posting a selection of tools and templates I used for exploring the practical application of Liberating Voices patterns, partly to support the teams of students who are working with local organizations this quarter. While most of […]

Apr 262010

Just now listening to Gorecki’s Third Symphony, the “Symphony of Sorrowful Songs,” which was brought to my attention as the soundtrack for the climactic scene in the movie, Fearless. In the film, Jeff Bridges plays an architect recovering from severe post-traumatic stress induced by a horrendous jet crash, from which he walked away virtually unharmed, […]

Jan 262010

Just contributed a comment to another great conversation over at Tim Kastelle’s Innovation Leadership Network blog about “Personal Filter, Aggregate, and Connect Strategies,” and felt that I should expand a little here while the creative juices were still bubbling. For reference, here’s my comment: Now I’m realizing that there’s yet another dimension or perspective beyond […]

Jan 252010
Anonymity as the Seed of Transparency

Time for corrective action.  I have stood and continue to stand among those calling for greater transparency in the public sphere, and particularly in the workings of government. I operate under the assumption that whatever I place online or in email is ultimately available for all to see, by accident or intention.  Everything I post […]