Feb 272015

I recently attended a workshop at the Seattle Emergency Management Hub on the use of social media as a channel for sharing information within and across neighborhoods in times of crisis.

In evaluating the workshop (which was done via hashtag, #snapSMEM), several learnings from the SE Seattle FreedomNet citizen journalism program came to mind, which are summarized and presented in the diagram below.

The learnings are organized into three areas: Tips and Techniques, Trust/Reputation Building, and Exploring a Lighthouse approach to tweet stream maintenance.

The diagram can be viewed by clicking on the following image:

Click on image to view interactive diagram

Click on image to view interactive diagram

Feb 242014
Rainier Beach Project Journey

For the past four years, Gillgren Communication Services, Inc. (GCSI) has been providing project design, grant writing, implementation, training and technical support for deploying Web and social media resources to support community engagement through the Rainier Beach Community Empowerment Coalition. The Coalition, and the neighborhood as a whole, is at the threshold of a new […]

Mar 132012
Photography as a gateway and an invitation to be present

I originally got into photography by taking pictures of my son’s soccer team – partially therapy, it forced me to behave along the sidelines–I’m not a helpful cheerleader; and partially recognizing and celebrating the roles of each youth on the team, of course, starting with my son. At that point I’d burn through one to […]

Mar 122012
Learning to see in other languages

“I don’t want to die having only seen through English eyes.” That’s The Atlantic journalist, and leading national blogger, Ta-Nehisi Coates reflecting on his motivation for learning French. This type of observation is why I keep his blog at the top of my daily reading list — he combines a sheer fascination with language (he […]

Feb 222012
The Blessings of Babel

I’ve realized that I haven’t made a sufficient linkage between my recent fascination with photography, particularly photos of nature, with the overall framework of this blog, Patterns of Engagement, which so clearly focuses on social interaction. What, for example, does a photograph of an eagle stretching its wings have to do with cultivating the civic […]