Compass Bearings

Compass Bearings

Four aspects of engagement

Oct 132009

In the course of researching ESL (English as second language) materials, my wife came upon Global Brains: Knowledge and Competencies for the 21st Century by Gary Ferraro.

At first, the list of competencies seemed relatively typical; but once I started playing around with how they actually related to each other, something kind of clicked, and the entire approach seemed to have a little more usefulness.

Overall, the ten competencies could be divided into those that were more external in their focus and those that tended to be more internal, and then paired up to reveal creative tensions, thereby opening up opportunities for creativity and growth.

And so, for example, a Broad Perspective increases the scope of Personal Autonomy, while Flexibility reinforces the ability to Shift Paradigms, and Emotional Resilience facilitates Balancing Contradictions, and Building Relationships depends on a fundamental Integrity.

My wife and I are currently working on illustrations from our own overseas experience toward building a Global Citizen curriculum. So let’s see where this goes!

Apr 172009
A new communications ecosystem for our life together

Over the past several months I have been discussing “intentional community” with a colleague who shares the same background in community development, but unlike me, has continued to actively promote and participate in an intentional community (a co-housing site). We have been talking about the potential uses of social media to strengthen and extend learnings […]

Mar 122009
Demystifying social networking media

Several months have passed since I began exploring a few social media tools that “play well together.” And now, as I look back, I’ve been surprised how much FaceBook, Twitter, and my blog, feel similar to some of the old ways of connecting, but with a twist (ok, maybe “twist” is sometimes more like popping […]

Feb 062009

In the wake of the downing of a jetliner by a flock of geese, ending with a miraculous soft landing into the Hudson River, I noted on my FaceBook site, “Apparently even a single goose can still take down a jetliner–nature just keeps getting in our way; another reminder to change our way.” In response, […]

Dec 102008
Sense of Journey

Continually refreshing a Sense of Journey simultaneously locates the current moment in the sweep of personal and community history and presents with fresh urgency the choice of what to keep and what to let go. These times of decision, etched into common memory as new milestones, honor the “divine economy of the Universe,” in which […]